Monday, May 30, 2016

All About Science!

Investigating WORMS

Spring is here in FULL force, and what a better what to learn and OBSERVE than with HANDS on Science. My kids LOVED this unit about worms. We used real worms to feel and observe using our senses. They could measure and weigh them and wanted to feel them for hours. 

We then used gummy bears, which were equally a BIG hit, to measure many classroom objects, as well as compare living and non-living.
 I got GREAT comments such as, "They are slimy, and slippery. One peed on me."
SO MANY... W...O...R...M...S

Taking a "Closer" look!

Circle Map for students to draw what they saw. Teacher dictated. SO GREAT! 

Observation Sheet. "I saw dirt and feel slime." What do you see and feel. CLASS BOOK! They LOVED looking at
this and talking about the worms. 

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