Tuesday, February 16, 2016

All About Numbers-Pre-K

Number Sorts
My students had so much fun with these number sorts. I separated each number sort into a bag and labeled the bag. Some of my students could pick two numbers and sort them own their own. They wanted to quickly grab two more and see how many they could do. 
Other students, I could easily scaffold and I would start the sort by putting the numbers on each side of the file folder. The student then would mix all of the other cards up and we looked through them together. I would help her count as she would decide which side the cards went on, 1 or 2. 

Number Puzzles

The puzzles can be cut like a square and used as matching pieces, or you can cut the puzzle piece out on each side so that the pieces fit together like a puzzle. (I took the extra time to cut mine. My kids love making puzzles.)

They had so much fun matching the monsters to the numbers. Some kids could do this very quickly, and others were able to practice counting. They played over and over again. 
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